Ms Kingdao Thivavarnvong

I came from an upper-middle class home since birth until today, even having my own family. My family is like most families. There are four of us – my husband and two children. We live in a house that is considerably big and comfortable in a large piece of land. In this home of ours, each family member knows that love, understanding and harmonious manners are key to a happy family.


Most of us have careers in the music industry. I am a piano instructor. I believe music is vital in my family for it makes our life happy and upbeat. Moreover, music helps us to see the world optimistically and positively. Above all things, as Christians, we go to church to worship our Lord God with beautiful music regularly.


On the day of 16th October 2013, this was the day I could never forget as that was the day I found out I have stage 3A breast cancer – two lumps on my left breast. The finding was from my annual check up in a reputable and reliable private hospital. Given the aggressive nature of my cancer, a mastectomy was required to be done urgently. 


After I knew of my cancer, I felt my life was broken. All my comfort and peace were destroyed. I suffered considerably both physically and mentally. This was such an unexpected incident, not in million years would we think we have to face with this. We were not prepared for it at all. The financial requirement for a proper treatment was significant. My worries compounded and I became deeply depressed, to the stage that I have to pay the psychiatrist visits.


The financial burden was overwhelming. We not only have to be responsible for two very young children but also the lost of my contribution of income as I was incapacitated while undergoing the treatments. We have no alternative but to forge out our life savings for my treatments.


During my first treatment, I had the great honour to meet Dr. Mawin Vongsaisuwon, a highly qualified, experienced, helpful and caring specialist who is now my oncologist. Along with this treatment, I met with many fellow cancer patients and realised that they suffered both mentally and physically just as much as I have with this disease. In fact, now I recognise that I am very blessed to have the financial provision for all the expensive treatments necessary for my recovery.


I have confidence that I will recover completely from this disease. For I know and believe that God has a purpose for me in this life. While I am undergoing my treatments, He allows me to see many things from different perspectives. I have to say that I know my place in this world now. I am committed to contribute as much as I can to the common good of others.


My initial help include donating money and useful items for the poor and underprivileged cancer patients. But as time passes by, I believe my endurance increases. Now I know I am able to deal with any severe and terrible incidents that come along in my life. On top of it all, I am inspired to be even stronger, always be healthy minded and possess a good spirit. For I no longer fear any difficulties or struggle that this life can bring.


Currently, I am almost done with my medical treatments. I decided to turn to careful and selective nutrition regimen. My meals are mainly composed of fruits and vegetables. I believe as a result, my overall being and general health improved significantly. This can be evident by my fresh and healthy appearance. For anyone who meets me would not believe that I am a cancer patient. Indeed, I am extremely pleased and satisfied that I am able to come to this incredible stage of my life.


As a Christian, my source of strength and joy come from reading my bible daily, come from praying to my God every moments of my awaking life. I have found the light in the darkness. In turn, I am increasingly becoming the light for others. Lastly, I would like to encourage all cancer patients to heed my experience and my life sharing so that we can conquer and overcome this terrible disease.



Ms Kingdao Thivavarnvong

Piano Instructor


9th September 2014